The member of Creative Association of Artists of Uzbekistan at Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan artist Hamidullo Yuldashev works about thirty years in monumental art.

He creates subject and ornamental mosaics, sgraphito, lists, a panel.

His works are known in different parts of the Namangan area of the Republic of Uzbekistan .

Among the large architectural objects designed by H.Yuldashev - sport center in a kishlak of Gurumsaray of the Pap area, an office building of Agroprom, Pahta bank, the building of Mezhkolkhozsovet, sanatorium of Pakhtalikkul, the House of celebrations, shop of sports goods in Namangan, textile college, sport center, office buildings in the regional center of Chartaka, stadium in the regional center of Uychi, and also interiors and exteriors of other industrial and public constructions.

The pictures painted by Hamidullo Yuldashev, exhibited about forty years at republican, regional and city exhibitions. Paintings of the artist are in collections of regional museum of the city of Namangan and other collections. H.Yuldashev creates the subject and thematic works devoted to life and work of contemporaries, writes pictures of a symbolist, modernist genre works over portraits, still lifes, interiors, city and rural landscapes.

"In our country, - Hamidullo-aka speaks, monumental art found especially importance and has the most favorable opportunities for the development in connection with expansion of town planning in which the important role is played by synthesis of the fine arts and architecture. Numerous public and industrial constructions are under construction: stations of the subway and stadiums, palaces and parks of Culture, movie theaters. And here hand in hand with the architect, the engineer and the builder the muralist works.

Specifics of monumental painting in which I, generally work, means laconicism of composition, an unite of the revealed drawing, deep reasonableness of foreshortenings and prospect taking into account perception of works from long distances and by a various point of view. Here serious professional knowledge and skills are required. All life of the artist is connected with knowledge of secrets and subtleties of the craft, but the main thing that defines creativity, - philosophical comprehension of surrounding reality, spiritual interests and aspirations of the people for which the artist creates his paintings .

Hamidullo Yuldashev was born on April 20, 1948 in kishlak Saray of the Turakurgansky region of the Namangan area in a family of farmer. Blue and depth of the native sky, purity of emerald greens of the fields surrounding a home, ranks of high poplars; the grapevines covered with golden and blue berries, yellow fruits of a quince, fluffy peaches on trees – all this surrounded future artist since the childhood, endowing with the most various impressions.

As Hamidullo-aka remembers, since the early childhood he wanted to draw everything that surrounded him in daily occurrence. This desire also brought him into Tashkent after the graduationof high school - in Republican art school of Benkov / nowadays Republican art college of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan / where he arrived in 1967. Study here was put at high professional level. Pupils consistently comprehended regularities of creation of objects on the planes, prospects, color harmony.

Under the leadership of skilled teachers they sketched plaster copies of known sculptures and difficult natyurmortny statements, passing over time to the image of the person and to independent compositions.

After the graduation of the first course of school Hamidullo called up for military service where he was in 1968-1970. In a leisure-time he managed to do the favorite thing - he drew portraits of colleagues and worked in a staff as the graphic designer.

In 1970, having finished military service, returned to Tashkent and continued study in art school, graduate it in 1973 as a painter-teacher.


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